Orthopedic Trauma

At Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster, our specialty-trained orthopedic trauma doctors are your dedicated experts in assessing, diagnosing, and treating traumatic bone, joint, and muscle injuries.

Orthopedic Trauma Care

Sports injuries, vehicle accidents, and other traumatic situations can cause extensive damage to your bones, joints, and soft tissue. Our orthopedic trauma doctors are specialty-trained to provide you with expert care at the time of your injury as well as a comprehensive plan to guide you through recovery.

Orthopedic trauma typically involves complex, severe, and sometimes life-threatening injury. This can include hip dislocations, fractures around the pelvis and acetabulum, multiple broken bones, open fractures, soft-tissue injuries, and severe fractures with multiple breaks to the same bone. These complex injuries require specialized care, and in some cases, surgical repair. If surgery is necessary, our team will walk you through your options including fracture repair, minimally invasive approaches, and reconstruction. After treatment, we will develop a personalized recovery plan, including physical therapy and pain management.

Trauma Specialties

Since 1997, our trauma physicians have been treating the orthopedic needs of trauma patients at Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health. We are the exclusive provider for orthopedic trauma with Lancaster General Health. If you are admitted to the hospital with orthopedic injuries, such as bone fractures or joint dislocation, you can request that an Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster trauma doctor evaluate you on-site to ensure that you receive unsurpassed care and optimal results.

Proudly offering on-site X-ray, MRI, physical therapy, Orthopedic Urgent Care, and surgical facilities, Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster is equipped to give you the care and convenience you need.

Our orthopedic trauma doctors are specially trained and certified to treat traumatic bone, joint, and muscle injuries. Some areas of expertise include:

The state-of-the-art, proven treatment options we offer for traumatic orthopedic injuries include:

  • Soft-tissue reconstruction
  • Treatment of nonunions, malunions, and infections

Orthopedic Trauma Care to Keep You Moving

Our leading experts and support staff offer the care and compassion you need to keep moving and enjoying your life. Our orthopedic trauma doctors have specialty training dedicated to the care of bone, joint, and muscle injuries. With this advanced expertise, along with an approach focused on you and your goals, our orthopedic trauma doctors will help you heal using the latest, evidence-based techniques. 

Begin your path to a healthy recovery with the right experts. Our orthopedic trauma care team is here to support you and provide the solutions you need. To schedule an appointment at our Lancaster, Lebanon, Spooky Nook, Willow Street, or Ephrata location, call 717-299-4871 or request an appointment online.

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