We often provide opportunities for athletic trainers, medical staff, and patient service personnel. You can view a listing of our current open staff positions below.

Open Positions

Careers of Caring

At Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster, we are always moving with purpose. We work as a team of caring individuals to keep our patients and our community moving. Founded in 1972, we are dedicated to the bone, joint, and muscle needs of Lancaster and the surrounding areas. We have used our established reputation for experienced, specialized care to grow our team and serve our growing community for decades. Today, we continue this legacy by welcoming the most attentive, diligent, and compassionate people to join our operation.

Our People

Work with dedicated doctors, physician assistants, physical therapists, athletic trainers, hand and occupational therapists, and staff to provide premier care to our patients. Our care providers deliver the highest level of specialized treatment, and our staff members offer trained support and kindness at every turn for our patients and their families. Together, we all work to address our patients and each other on a personal level to keep moving forward.

Our Benefits

We are proud to offer all of our employees:

  • Health insurance coverage
  • Disability benefits
  • Retirement plans
  • Savings plans
  • Paid time off
  • Flexible spending accounts

Our Mission

Contribute to our mission of “service to the patient comes first.” Join us in providing the best patient experience, fastest access to care, and being a leader in patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and community engagement.

Who We Are

At Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster, we are driven by our core values. If you find alignment with these Core Values, OAL may be the workplace for you.

Service to the patient comes first; the care of the patient is always demonstrated priority in all our decisions.
We feel a true sense of ownership for our individual and organizational results. Stand tall in your role and be the best that you can be.
We demonstrate professional competency through communication, attire, and personal decisions. We represent the values of the company and its reputation.
We recognize the importance of day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. We provide exceptional levels of service and trust.
We embrace differences, respect and celebrate diversity, and treat one another fairly and equally.
We work together toward common goals, supporting each other and making choices that put the team before individual performance.

Join Our Team

Currently, we are seeking several doctors to join our practice.

  • Foot & Ankle Surgeon
  • Total Joint Reconstruction Surgeon
  • Interventional Physiatrist