At Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster, our specialty-trained hand doctors are your dedicated experts in assessing, diagnosing, and treating hand injuries and conditions.

Hand Pain Treatment

The intricate functionality of your hands is essential for countless daily activities. When hand pain and hand function difficulties strike, their impact on your daily life can be significant.

Composed of bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves, your hands are susceptible to various conditions leading to discomfort. Conditions like tendonitis, pinched nerves, fractures, cysts, and arthritis can all contribute to pain. Sometimes, persistent motions can also play a role. Untreated, these conditions often worsen over time, emphasizing the importance of intervention. Fortunately, the majority of these conditions can be relieved through rest, physical therapy, and potentially, surgery.

Hand Pain Relief

Our hand doctors offer comprehensive diagnostic, imaging, physical therapy, and surgical services tailored to address hand and finger-related pain. Our focus is on quickly restoring your highest level of function, whether the discomfort developed gradually or stemmed from an injury or occupational hazard.

Using our on-site X-ray, MRI, physical therapy, and surgical facilities, our doctors and staff are able to offer you both exceptional care and convenience to keep you moving.

Our expertise encompasses a wide array of hand conditions, including

The state-of-the-art, proven hand treatment options we offer include:

  • Casting and splinting
  • Finger fracture surgery
  • Hand arthritis surgery
  • Injections

Hand Care to Keep You Moving

Our leading experts and support staff offer the care and compassion you need to keep moving and enjoying your life. Our hand doctors have specialty training dedicated to the care of the hand and wrist. With this advanced expertise, along with an approach focused on you and your goals, our hand doctors will help you heal using the latest, evidence-based techniques.

Begin your path to healthy living and hand pain relief. Our hand care team is here to support you and provide the solutions you need. To schedule an appointment at our Lancaster, Lebanon, Spooky Nook, Willow Street, or Ephrata location, call 717-299-4871 or request an appointment online.

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