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On the field and on the court, your body is working hard as you run, jump, and outperform your competition. This level of intensity means even the most elite athletes are susceptible to injury. Since 1972, our sports medicine team at Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster, has been training and treating professional, student, and weekend athletes in Lancaster and throughout Central Pennsylvania. Our expert team includes fellowship trained orthopedic sports medicine physicians  and certified athletic trainers. Using the latest innovations in sports medicine, our goal is to keep you active and get you back in the game.

We have been the exclusive orthopedic sports medicine providers to some of the region’s most accomplished and recognized sports teams including the Lancaster Barnstormers. We are also passionate about teaching and protecting the rising athletes in our community and enjoy working with many colleges and high schools.

Sports Medicine Treatments

Whether you are a weekend warrior or professional athlete, our sports medicine team can help get you back to your pre-injury level of functioning as quickly as possible. Our sports medicine treatments include preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. When surgery is needed, our team at Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster are experts in the most advanced techniques designed to provide you with less postsurgical pain and shorter healing times.

If you, of your child, experiences an injury during a weekend or evening game, our Orthopedic Urgent Care at OAL provide onsite diagnosis and treatment right away. No appointment is needed.

Our sports medicine team provides education and treatment of sports-related injuries including:

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  • I was seen by Dr. Luchetti and he was great! It was easy to make a timely appointment and his tech was fun to chat with while I had the injection in my thumb! Loved the office at Spooky Nook. There was allot of parking and the office was marked well and made finding it easy! I would refer anyone there!
  • Every time I’ve used of Orthopedic Associates I’ve been very pleased with the service I receive. From the receptionist, nurses, doctors and therapists, everything is professional and very sympathetic to the discomfort that you happen to be in so I gave them five stars!
  • I knew I dislocated my finger when it was sticking out at a 45° angle from my hand. I thought I got it back into place, but was very grateful to have OAL‘s urgent care facility to go to to confirm. X-rays confirmed that it was still out of place and that there was also a fracture. I was then scheduled for an appointment with the hand specialist Dr. Griska five days later. I love having the option of an urgent care with orthopedic staff. Thank you OAL!
  • Despite having to visit Urgent Care, I was most impressed with the quality of service, professionalism and utmost dedication to giving expert advice and treatment by all the staff.
  • Absolutely amazing such nice doctors and nurses went out of there way for me highly recommend them! Thank you to all you helped me!
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