Hammer Toe

Hammer toe is a foot deformity that occurs due to an imbalance in the muscles, tendons, or ligaments that normally hold the toe straight. This results in a toe that remains bent at the middle joint in a claw-like position. This most commonly affects the second toe and those with longer second toes have a greater risk.

There are two types of hammer toes: flexible hammer toes and rigid hammer toes. Flexible hammer toes are in the early stages of deformity and the affected toes are still moveable. Rigid hammer toes are more severe. The tendon and joints become misaligned, completely prohibiting movement.

Hammer toe can lead to pressure and pain that will get worse overtime if left untreated. Eventually the deformity will become permanent. When detected in its early stages, the original shape can be regained with simple footwear changes. Severe cases may require surgical repair.

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  • Pain, redness, or swelling where the toe is bent
  • A decrease in range of motion in the affected toes
  • Toe cramping that may extend into the foot and leg
  • Toe curling under
  • Improperly fitting footwear including inadequate room in the toe box or shoes that fit too small or too tight
  • Arthritis
  • Abnormal muscle balance in your toes
  • Second toe length that is longer than the first and third toes
  • Genetics
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Physical examination to evaluate condition
  • X-ray to show evaluate potential damage to the bone
  • Wearing of properly fitting shoes that allow all toes to extend to their natural state
  • Splints to help keep toes in the correct position
  • Home exercises including stretching and strengthening of the foot and toes
  • Surgical repair can be performed on the affected toes. Additionally, a surgical bone shortening can provide remedy
Hammer Toe Specialties
  • I knew I dislocated my finger when it was sticking out at a 45° angle from my hand. I thought I got it back into place, but was very grateful to have OAL‘s urgent care facility to go to to confirm. X-rays confirmed that it was still out of place and that there was also a fracture. I was then scheduled for an appointment with the hand specialist Dr. Griska five days later. I love having the option of an urgent care with orthopedic staff. Thank you OAL!
  • I had my left shoulder worked on and the surgery was very successful. I do not have any limitations or pain now. I would use this group again for any orthopedic issue I may have in the future, because they CARE about your success.
  • The OAL staff is always friendly and polite. Your diagnosis and treatment are explained in great in detail, so you truly understand what is going on. They also go above and beyond with insurance to get things preapproved, I would never go to another place.
  • Excellent experience!! I really feel like I am in great hands!! Thank you!!
  • They were wonderful, I was seen right away.  I was treated with kindness and compassion from everyone from beginning to end, from check-in, X-ray, check-out.
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