Sacroiliac Injections

The sacroiliac joints, also known as SI joints, are located between the sacrum and the iliac bones of the pelvis. Abnormal mobility of either too much or too little motion of the SI joints can result in sacroiliac dysfunction and pain. SI joint pain is typically felt in the hips radiating into the pelvis, lower back, and thighs. There are multiple options to treat SI joint pain. Sacroiliac joint injections may be offered as a targeted treatment to reduce pain and inflammation. Pain relief can often be felt for months following an injection.

Sacroiliac joint injections can be used to both diagnose and treat SI joint dysfunction. If your physician feels that your pain is coming from the SI joints, injecting local anesthetic or numbing medication can help confirm this. If the pain is relieved, the SI joint is the source of pain. To treat the condition, a corticosteroid is usually injected along with the local anesthetic to reduce any inflammation.

Sacroiliac joint injections are performed using x-ray guidance and commonly on an outpatient basis. Following the injection, you may feel numb, slightly weak, or have an unusual sensation in your leg for a few hours. Because of this, you are not permitted to drive yourself home after your injection. You should also avoid strenuous activities on the day of the injection. Full benefits and pain relief are typically felt within two to seven days after the injection.

Types of Treatment:

  • Relief of hips, pelvis, lower back, and thigh pain associated with sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • Diagnosis of sacroiliac joint dysfunction


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  • Sacroiliac Arthritis