Thomas I. Sherman, M.D.

Dr. Sherman is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in the comprehensive treatment of foot and ankle conditions. He completed his orthopedic residency at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. with additional fellowship training at the esteemed Foot and Ankle Surgery fellowship program at the MedStar Union Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Sherman has published multiple book chapters, research manuscripts, review articles, and editorials. He has presented his work at multiple national orthopedic meetings. He is an active member of the American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society serving on the Evidence-Based Medicine Committee tasked with devising best practices for orthopaedic surgeons treating foot and ankle conditions.

His clinical interests include flatfoot and cavus foot reconstruction, sports-related injuries, ankle arthroscopy, arthritis of the foot and ankle, bunion correction, ankle replacement, complex foot and ankle trauma (ankle, calcaneus, and pilon fractures), post-traumatic deformity, use of Taylor Spatial Frame, treatment of nonunions, revision surgery, and limb salvage.

Dr. Sherman is a former Divison I soccer player and enjoys playing and following professional soccer, living an active lifestyle, cooking, gardening, and most importantly spending time with his wife, daughter, and boxer dog.

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  • Fractures & Sprains
  • Trauma
  • Undergraduate Education: Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA
  • Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
  • Residency: MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, D.C.
  • Fellowship: MedStar Union Memorial Foot and Ankle
  • License: Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, Board eligible
  • American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society
  • North Pointe Surgery Center
  • Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health
  • Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster, Ltd.
  • Arthroscopy Journal, Editorial Board Member
  • Dr. Sherman has authored an invited book chapter on the surgical correction of bunions, as well as clinical and surgical guidelines for the American Academy of Orthoaedic Surgeons to help other surgeons across the country and world optimally manage the complex problem of bunions. Revision Surgery of the Foot & Ankle ebook
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  • Wang C., Sherman TI, Styer AM, Leung TC, Robishaw JD, and Mirshahi T. “Characterization of a Zebrafish Ortholog of Kir6 Channel Subunits.” Biophys J. 90:107A-108A. 2006.
  • Every time I’ve used of Orthopedic Associates I’ve been very pleased with the service I receive. From the receptionist, nurses, doctors and therapists, everything is professional and very sympathetic to the discomfort that you happen to be in so I gave them five stars!
  • My doctor and staff took the time to explain the cause and treatment I would receive. Very professional!
  • The office staff were very helpful while you were there for your appointment. I have been a patient of OAL for over 40 years and that speaks for itself.
  • The OAL staff is always friendly and polite. Your diagnosis and treatment are explained in great in detail, so you truly understand what is going on. They also go above and beyond with insurance to get things preapproved, I would never go to another place.
  • I had my left shoulder worked on and the surgery was very successful. I do not have any limitations or pain now. I would use this group again for any orthopedic issue I may have in the future, because they CARE about your success.
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