Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is a procedure that your orthopedic surgeon may use to look inside your hip joint, diagnose hip injuries, or repair damage in the hip joint. Hip arthroscopy may be recommended if your hip pain and symptoms do not improve after several months of nonsurgical treatment such as physical therapy and pain management.

During hip arthroscopy small incisions are made to allow a tiny camera and surgical equipment to pass through. It is less invasive than open surgeries and because of the smaller incisions, there is often less pain, less stiffness, and a shorter recovery time.

Hip arthroscopy is often an outpatient procedure. After your surgery you, and our team at Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster will work with you to develop a personalized recovery plan including physical therapy and pain management. Your recovery will typically include wearing a hip brace to protect your hip and the use of crutches to support weight bearing.

Types of Treatment:

  • Femoroacetabular impingement, or FAI, results in a mechanical mismatch between the ball and socket and has been identified as a cause of early hip degeneration. New techniques have been developed to surgically remove or contour bone that develops on the socket, also known aspincer deformity, or on the ball, also known as CAM deformity.
  • Labral repair or reconstruction. The labrum is a cartilage ring that deepens the socket and plays a role in stability and creating a seal to the joint.
  • Repair or release of hip tendons such as with snapping hip syndrome
  • Repair of fractures. Arthroscopy can ensure proper alignment of the cartilage to help minimize the risk of posttraumatic arthritis.
  • Removal of loose bodies such as articular cartilage and/or scar tissue that can form after trauma and become free-floating in the joint.
  • Removal of inflamed synovial tissue
  • Arthroscopic debridement of arthritis
  • Treatment of infections in the joint, also known as septic arthritis. Arthroscopy may be used in urgent situations. This involves a saline flush of the areas to help clean out the infection.
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  • Labral Tear
  • Femoral Acetabular Impingement (FAI)
  • CAM Deformity
  • Fracture
Hip Arthroscopy Providers

Adam E. Hyatt, M.D., FAAOS

Sports Medicine, Hip

Joel A. Horning, M.D.

Sports Medicine
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  • #1 in my book!  This team replaced my right knee, and are now in the prep stages to replace the left one. One stop shopping as far as diagnosis, actual surgery at Lancaster General, along with rehab. The surgery team is great, and the rehab team very easy to work with and very thorough.
  • I could not have asked for better service, promptness and satisfaction with the treatment ordered. Thank you very much!
  • The office staff were very helpful while you were there for your appointment. I have been a patient of OAL for over 40 years and that speaks for itself.
  • I was seen promptly for my initial consultation. The staff and Dr. Sieger were friendly and professional, excellent communication! I’m planning to have Dr. Sieger to do my carpal tunnel surgery in the near future.
  • I had my left shoulder worked on and the surgery was very successful. I do not have any limitations or pain now. I would use this group again for any orthopedic issue I may have in the future, because they CARE about your success.
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