Hand Therapy

Your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders provide strength and range of motion that you use every day. If you suffer from an injury or condition that affects that movement, you may lose the ability to engage in your favorite activities, feel that you are under functioning at work, and in some cases, lose the fine motor skills necessary to perform daily tasks such as picking up your child or carrying a bag of groceries. Our hand therapy team at Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster understands how devastating these situations can be. Our certified hand therapists will guide you through a comprehensive recovery plan to help you regain your life.

Hand Therapy Treatments

When you enter the Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster Hand Center, you immediately notice our patient-centered team approach. Our hand therapists, physicians, and care team work closely together to provide an individualized plan to meet the specific needs of your diagnosis and lifestyle.

Hand therapy treatments are designed to regain strength, increase function, and improve dexterity as well as quality of life. This includes joint mobilization and manual therapy techniques, strengthening, and a customized home exercise program. Additional customized therapies are included depending on your symptoms and condition.

Hand therapy treatments at Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster include:

  • Modalities – aimed at reducing pain and edema
  • Custom-fabricated splints and serial casting– designed to mobilize stiff joints, rest painful or swollen joints, and protect injured structures.
  • Individualized strengthening, flexibility, and range of motion programs.
  • Sensory re-education
  • Muscle re-education
  • Specialized wound care and scar treatment.
  • Edema management
  • Manual therapy techniques aimed at motor re-education and improving motion

Injuries and Conditions Treated with Hand Therapy

Our certified hand therapists at Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster have met rigorous national standards established by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission. This extensive training allows them to expertly care for the delicate network of tendons, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, and nerve endings that make up your hands, wrists, elbows, arms, and shoulders. They have proudly earned a reputation for providing superior evaluation and treatment of a variety of injuries or conditions that can be treated with hand therapy. These include:

Whether you are suffering from a work or sports jury, traumatic accident, or degenerative condition, our hand therapy team can help. Contact us to learn more about Hand therapy at Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster and begin your path to recovery.


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  • They were wonderful, I was seen right away.  I was treated with kindness and compassion from everyone from beginning to end, from check-in, X-ray, check-out.
  • The office staff were very helpful while you were there for your appointment. I have been a patient of OAL for over 40 years and that speaks for itself.
  • I was seen promptly for my initial consultation. The staff and Dr. Sieger were friendly and professional, excellent communication! I’m planning to have Dr. Sieger to do my carpal tunnel surgery in the near future.
  • All staff were very friendly and professional. Dr. Hyatt was thorough, did not rush through the appointment and answered all of our questions.
  • The OAL staff is always friendly and polite. Your diagnosis and treatment are explained in great in detail, so you truly understand what is going on. They also go above and beyond with insurance to get things preapproved, I would never go to another place.
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