Stress Fracture

A stress fracture refers to the weakening of a bone due to overuse or repetitive movement. The affected bone will sustain smaller, unnoticeable breaks over time that eventually leads to a full fracture or break. 

Unlike a standard fracture that happens immediately after a high force or impact, a stress fracture occurs over time. Typically, this happens after you have increased your activity level in a short period of time, such as running a lot after a period of inactivity. In these situations, your body cannot repair from the increase in activity before you do it again.

Stress fractures are often seen in the lower leg, hip, and foot bones. Pain is often felt during activity and may subside with rest. 

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  • Pain and tenderness in the affected area
  • Decreased range of motion in the affected and surrounding areas
  • Recent increase in exercise or physical training such as running too many miles too soon, throwing too much too soon, or even walking an excessive distance too soon
  • Improper body mechanics performing the activity
  • Weakened bones
  • Muscle weakness
  • Leg length discrepancies
  • Conditions such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and post-menopause
  • Physical examination of the affected area
  • X-ray or bone scan to show condition of bones and location of the break
  • MRI or CT scan to show muscle and soft tissue health
  • Cast or boot immobilization of the affected area to allow bones to heal in proper alignment
  • Use of crutches, walker, or cane to bear weight
  • Nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory medications for pain relief
  • Surgical repair in extreme cases
  • All staff were very friendly and professional. Dr. Hyatt was thorough, did not rush through the appointment and answered all of our questions.
  • I had my left shoulder worked on and the surgery was very successful. I do not have any limitations or pain now. I would use this group again for any orthopedic issue I may have in the future, because they CARE about your success.
  • I knew I dislocated my finger when it was sticking out at a 45° angle from my hand. I thought I got it back into place, but was very grateful to have OAL‘s urgent care facility to go to to confirm. X-rays confirmed that it was still out of place and that there was also a fracture. I was then scheduled for an appointment with the hand specialist Dr. Griska five days later. I love having the option of an urgent care with orthopedic staff. Thank you OAL!
  • Dr Stabile and her team were magical! I am pain free, and extremely happy I am in her care.
  • Absolutely amazing such nice doctors and nurses went out of there way for me highly recommend them! Thank you to all you helped me!
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