What is the best treatment for tendinitis?

Written by Eric Zimmerman, MPAS, PA-C

Tendinitis is your body’s way of telling you “enough." Tendons are connective tissues that connect muscle to bone.   Too much stress or repetitive motion can cause an inflammation of the tendon and tendon sheath and in some cases possibly cause rupture of the tendon.

In most cases tendinitis resolves with conservative treatments. Typical treatments include rest and discontinuation of the activity that may have caused the symptoms. Ice is an excellent option as an anti-inflammatory. In some cases bracing and immobilization is needed to provide rest to the inflamed area. An over the counter anti-inflammatory such as Aleve two tablets twice daily can also provide significant pain relief and help with inflammation.

There are measures that can be taken to help prevent tendinitis. A proper warmup and cool down before a workout including stretching is very important. In some cases tendinitis occurs due to improper technique. It is important to always use a proper method and technique when working out.

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