Poor Posture with Sitting

Most people do not realize how important posture is.  If you don't correct it, poor posture tends to keep getting worse as your body tries to compensate for it.  Poor posture also causes strain on the body and leads to weakening of the postural muscles, particularly given the amount of time we now spend sitting for our jobs and relaxation.  Poor posture can cause injuries like back/neck/shoulder pain, TMJ and even headaches.

Correcting posture requires retraining your brain to remember years of a “bad habit”, however it is worth it considering it will lead to less pain/injuries:

  • Awareness of your posture- straighten your back, lift your chest, roll your shoulders back and rotate your pelvis so your stomach and behind are tucking in – have all 3 curves in your spine
  • Take Breaks!!! Even if it is only 30 seconds – sit no more than 30 minutes!
  • Chair/Table set up: feet supported with no crossed legs with hip/knees at 90 degree angle and even weight between hips
  • Sit back in the chair so your buttock is touching the back rest and the back of the knee should be about an inch from the edge, potentially a small rolled up towel in your lower back,
  • Arms/Forearms Supported:  Rest your elbows/arm on your chair or desk or pillows keeping shoulders relaxed. 
  • Screen height should be eye level and close to you- potentially use books to stack screen up so you don’t have to move your head
  • Avoid rotating/twisting at the spine, keep objects close to you and rotate body as a whole
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