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Interventional Pain Management

Taming Your Pain

If unexpected or chronic pain is affecting your ability to engage in daily activities or interfering with your ability to work or sleep, Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster (OAL) can help. We know how debilitating sudden pain can be and that it is crucial to alleviate your discomfort as soon as possible. We were the first orthopedic group in Lancaster County and Lebanon County to offer pain management services with a physician fellowship-trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation and interventional pain management, allowing us to diagnose the source of your pain and quickly begin your individualized treatment.

Most attacks result from everyday activities such as improper lifting, a hard-hitting weekend football game, or just overdoing it while gardening. If you overstretch muscles or ligaments, you may experience painful back strains or sprains. Back pain also can be indicative of other more serious medical conditions, so it’s important that you see a doctor who can rule out other causes.

Determining the Cause of Your Pain

Unique to OAL, we have two fellowship-trained interventional pain physicians on staff, Dr. Jeffrey Conly and Dr. Jackson Liu. After discussing your medical history and conducting a physical exam, your doctor may recommend diagnostic tests to locate the cause of your pain, including:

  • Imaging studies including X-rays , musculoskeletal ultrasound, MRI, or computed tomography (CT) scan
  • Electromyography and nerve conduction studies (EMG/NCS): tests how nerves and muscles talk to each other and to find a reason for pain, numbness, and weakness
  • Blood work
  • Diagnostic injections

A Treatment Plan Designed Specifically for You

Upon diagnosis, your doctor will work closely with the OAL treatment team to help you manage your pain and restore function. As a pain management team, our goal is to help you resume an active lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.

Depending on your individual circumstances, treatment may include:

For many patients, beginning treatment promptly may help resolve your back pain within several weeks, as long as there are no other underlying medical conditions. For your convenience, pain management injections can be performed on-site in our surgery center. Surgical procedures do require insurance certification and may be scheduled within several days following your initial visit.

If you’re tired of living with pain, visit the interventional pain management specialists at Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster. To schedule an appointment at our Lancaster, Willow Street, or Spooky Nook Sports office, call (717) 299-4871 or request an appointment online.  For our Lebanon office, please call (717) 277-7005 or request an appointment online.